What is the significance of schools and families for kids?

The connection between kids and their parents is vital for developing a healthy relationship between families. Therefore, it is important to introduce your child to norms and values of the family. When a kid is aware of the family ethics, he/she feels proud of it and owns it. So, a sense of ownership is essential for bonding with children. Parents can help the kids in developing good relations with each other, in addition to incorporating the input in form of the rules for running the house. Hence, the role of elders is important for the kids in order to bring them closer to each other.

The role of family is important in setting goals for the children as well. Since a family is the center of kid’s life and they are significant in making major decisions about the future and assisting kids. Similarly, the teachers must involve the parents in taking major decisions about the kids by reporting them about the progress of the children. Moreover, the regular interaction with the family and teachers at school is important for knowing the needs of your kids. The needs of kids cannot be fulfilled if the parents are not aware of it. Therefore, if you consult the respective teachers and attend the parent-teacher meetings on the regular basis, it could provide you valuable insights.

The two-way communication is important between the parents and teachers for taking decisions about them. It can be done by arranging the one to one meeting of family members with school staff for communicating the concerns and progress of the kid. Another way is to contact the parents regarding the kids through email correspondence rather than meeting them directly. The language of communication must be chosen carefully to discuss the kid’s evaluation and assessment of the behavior. Teachers can also convey the parents the concerns and the detail report of activities kids tend to get involved in, especially at the education center in order to develop common understanding.

Moreover, the reciprocal relationship between the school staff and parents is crucial, as the main purpose is to convey the concerns politely to their parents. Therefore, it is good to learn about the family of kids in terms of the cultural norms and family priorities. Additionally, schools can introduce courses on the culture and norms to encourage or promote tolerance for diversity. Furthermore, the cultivation of family norms in the school can help institutions to bridge the communication gap between them. Hence, the schools can organize various events for sharing the distinct features of different families.

Similarly, the schools can also promote learning activities for kids that would be in line with the family values. This implies that the families can be consulted to utilize the community center for designing and supporting the children education. The role of a community center is beneficial for the children from underprivileged families who cannot afford expensive schools. Community centers are also used in different parts of the world for providing education for the people who are unable to attend school on regular basis. To put simply, the community centers help both the child and families to get an education and addressing the issues of parents regarding the content of education taught at the center.


The role of families is important in making major decisions by becoming the part of boards and committees that are responsible for making major policy decisions of an education program.  Parents must be guided by the school administration on the subject of admission policy and its impact on their children. Furthermore, families must be included in social welfare programs, for example, raising funds for awareness campaigns. The schools can also bring a family with children closer by holding informal meetings with them outside the school, for instance, taking kids to park for riding the cars along with the parents instead of organizing it for kids only.

The promotion of those programs is necessary for engaging the families in a holistic manner. The programs are designed in such a way that it helps to reach out the family for the welfare of the children. Schools can also play a role by hiring the staff members from diverse background to incorporate the different opinions of different families. The environment of a school must be conducive to accommodate the diversity and difference of opinion in a constructive manner. The aim of a school is to bring the families and kids closer to each other by hearing the difference of opinion without hurting the feelings.

Parents must be invited before the start of the school for hearing the concern and preferences. The purpose of the conference before the school is to understand the concerns of the parents and to get to know them. These meetings help the school in getting important information about the children and parents. The aim of these meetings is to include the parents in process of taking major decisions about the kids with their consent. The parents have stakes because the future of their kids is on the line and they are concerned about policies of the school as it affects them.

Another method used by schools is to invite parents to share the understanding of kids and their attachments. When parents share the story behind the attachment of the kid with the teacher, it helps the school in doing a better job. So, it is good to give importance to the viewpoint of the children. If teachers know the history of student, they can assist the children in dealing with problems related to studies. In addition, the parents must convey accurate information about the kids because it is essential for school management to customize the course in accordance with the ability of a child.

To conclude, the role of family engagement with the kids and school as a platform for addressing the issues is quite effective. The role of community centers is also pertinent, especially in overcoming the difference between school administrations and by highlighting the concerns of the parents. Another way is to regularly hold a parent-teacher meeting for an in-depth knowledge. The parents are mostly concerned about the kids and the impact of the exposure to different kids coming from the different background, which can be addressed by the school by promoting the diversity and celebrating their differences.


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